A Japanese Version of Beautiful Breakfast for Lazy People

A Japanese Version of Beautiful Breakfast for Lazy People


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On an ordinary week day, breakfast is the least important meal for many of us.

We skip it to sleep another five minutes. If anything, it's the same old cereal. Or we stop by the store near work to spare a few dollars on a doughnut and coffee. We get excited for lunch breaks and dinners, but never for breakfast.


But wait a minute, because what you're about to see in this book will change your view of breakfast at home. You might think a book about breakfast is only for people who are good at cooking or those who care to put aside the time for it. But nope, this book teaches lazy people how to put the LEAST amount of time and effort in it!


All 260 recipes in this little book have three things in common. They

1. take merely 5 minutes to make

2. require no dishwashing

3. perfect your morning mood!


From beautiful fruit sandwiches, monthly themed English muffins to cute little rice balls, various versions of Japanese-style miso soup and nutritious rice bowls... This delightful little book will help you to become the most clever and efficient morning cook. Keep sleeping those extra five minutes in the morning, because with these recipes, you won't need them! Love your mornings, love your life!


Author: Makiko Ono

Published: November 2016

Length: 128 pages

ISBN: 978-4905073697

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