Judgment-Free Living with Lao-tzu

Judgment-Free Living with Lao-tzu

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Listen to Confucius when life feels good, and to Lao-tzu when it doesn't.


The two ancient Chinese figures have philosophies seen as completely the opposite. The Analects of Confucius focuses on morality and correctness of society, while Lao-tzu's philosophy is about harmony, stillness and naturalness. This book is a guide for people in difficult stages of life who could use help from Lao-tzu's teachings.


There are typically four types of people who have difficulties in facing life: those who feel weak, feel victimized, have a need for perfection, or cannot let go of their own ways. The 32 ways of thinking in this book by Lao-tzu are connected with easier concepts to help adjust our minds and to live a judgment-free life that will make everything a whole lot easier to handle.


Here are some summaries of example teachings:


The Spoon Theory: Say No to Anger

When you need to manage your anger, don't use a knife, and don't poke them with a fork. We usually regret those. Instead, scoop them with a spoon. Be the bigger person and wrap them with your heart. Strong people win because they don't compete.


The Flare Pants Theory: Go Down your Own Road.

Flare pants have been in and out of fashion for centuries only because of society. Society egoistically decides when it's cool or not. So to people who feel like they don't fit in, it's not your fault. Don't push yourself to contribute to society. Be natural.


The author of this book has treated more than 100 thousand patients with depression and anxiety during the 45 years of his career as a psychiatrist. His book portrays significant quotes and Taoism philosophies that have helped many of his patients stand up and look ahead to their lives once again.


Author: Soichiro Nomura

Published: April 2019

Length: 232 pages

ISBN: 978-4866511238

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