Lessons by the Richest Man in Babylon -in Manga
  • Lessons by the Richest Man in Babylon -in Manga

    Self-Help / Life Ethics / Business

    210,000 copies sold

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    There is a reason why valuable books stay valuable for tens and hundreds of years! You may have read many versions of the George S. Clason's renown The Richest Man in Babylon --but this one, you haven't. This is in the form of an incredible manga drawn by an award-winning manga illustrator!


    Chapter 1: What really makes a person rich?

    Chapter 2: Seven secrets that only the rich know about becoming rich

    Chapter 3: Which has more value, a bag of money, or a bag of wisdom?

    Chapter 4: How to wisely "activate" the money that you save

    Chapter 5: Having something to stand up for makes us undefeatable

    Chapter 6: Do you have a heart of a free citizen or a slave?

    Chapter 7: Return your debts, but respect your own life

    Chapter 8: If not for money, why do we work?


    This is not a book with techniques on how to earn more money. It shares with us the universal value of money which has always been and will always be a piece of wisdom that shapes our happiness.


    Authors: George S. Clason, Asahi Sakano (Illustrations), Kosuke Ohashi

    Published: October 2019

    Length: 466 pages

    ISBN:  978-4866511245

    Currently ranked #1 in categories of Theories of Life, Graphic Novels, and Business Learned From History on Amazon Japan

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