LIFE: What All Except Humans Know

LIFE: What All Except Humans Know

Self-Help / Life Ethics

Rights sold: Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai


Humans naturally see pets and animals as merely the "inferior creature" but have you ever had the feeling that they teach us more than just love or the cycle of life? This book LIFE: What All Except Humans Know will surprise you with facts and lessons about the lives of our fellow species. We humans may have sophisticated language and minds, but their survival strategies are profoundly beyond us. And there is a whole lot that we can learn from them.


LIFE covers 20 different animals and insects that have their own unique way of surviving. These ways are highly identifiable to the human world and show us how to live through with the difficulties and challenges we face every day. LIFE is a book that will encourage people to understand why we currently share a world with these fascinating creatures, and what human beings with our cultured minds and abilities should nurture to be the best of ourselves to and live the lives we've been given. 


Author: Haro Aso & Kaori Shinohara

Published: November 2016

Length: 216 pages

ISBN: 978-4905073628



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