Nothing will Stop Me, Especially my Face

Nothing will Stop Me, Especially my Face

Self-Help / Life Ethics


Have you ever wondered how life would have been different if you'd had someone else's face? Do you think that any part of your appearance has pulled you back from trying something, or makes you feel inferior to others? In this book, 10 people with various medical symptoms teach us that no one's appearance should affect their pursuit of satisfaction and happiness. The people interviewed in this book were born with a condition and went through their own unique experiences feeling very different things. After long years of living how they look, not all of them have necessarily "accepted" the malformation or illness, but all of them have come to recognize how much they've learned through their condition, and how they can continue growing. In a generation with social media which silently forces us to look "better" than we really look, these people's incredible stories will encourage us to rethink our perspective of life.  


Author: Keiya Mizuno

Published: February 2017

Length: 208 pages

ISBN: 978-4905073642

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