SUBTRACTION: Zen for Happiness

SUBTRACTION: Zen for Happiness

Life Ethics / Buddhism


Perhaps you had dreams when you were young. Maybe you wanted to be a doctor and save lives, or a professional soccer player so you can be a superstar. And though some of us actually pursue them, many of us eventually grow out of those dreams and find a new road.


But as humans, we still have immeasurable desires. It's natural that once we obtain something, we look for the next. We can't deny the necessity of motivation. But there is a difference between desires being helpful and those that are harmful. If you're constantly bombarded by thoughts and yearnings while none of them are actually happening, that's an example of one being obsessed with and being attached to unrealistic desires. These are the very thoughts that bring about the cycle of misery.


The chief priests of Kyoto's most famous temples Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji walk us through six ways of thinking that will, by all means, help each and every one of us to appreciate the beauty of life and to still pursue an amazing one. Happiness does not result from a pile of goals. You need to begin subtracting all the harmful substances.


Author: Raitei Arima

Published: March 2017

Length: 208 pages

ISBN: 978-4905073802

Currently ranked #1 in Zen Buddhism on Amazon Japan


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