The Encyclopedia of Failure: Truths about the Legends
  • The Encyclopedia of Failure: Truths about the Legends

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    Babe Ruth at age 7 was sent to a school for delinquent kids because his parents could not control him. 

    Albert Einstein was insulted as a child because he was a slow learner, especially in language development.

    Steve Jobs was fired by his own company in between his inventions because he was seen as too aggressive and abusive to his workers. 

    Audrey Hepburn had low self-esteem because she compared herself to others and despised her own appearance.


    This book features 24 figures that made history. We only naturally know them for their fame, but the truths about their lives teach us that one story of success is made of a thousand failures. The thought of losing or being laughed at is frightening. And, of course, when it happens, it's unbearable. It's disappointing. But we can see from these people that they went through it all. But they didn't just leave their mistakes hanging. They dealt with it --in their own ways. So you, too, in your own way, can work through your mistakes. Failure is what defines us, including all the people in this book, as humans!


    Author: Masato Ono

    Published: April 2018

    Length : 176 pages

    ISBN: 978-4866510590

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