The Sun Man

The Sun Man

Self-help / Life Ethics / Novel


Two young boys in the world of gods decide to pull pranks on the human world. They open the forbidden notebook which belongs to Zeus. They choose a random, ordinary human, and begin writing down horrible things that would happen to him that day. The pranks begin from his alarm clock stopping at 9 am causing the man to be late for work, getting yelled at by his boss at 10 am, and messing up an important task at 11 am.


The naughty boys, prepared for a great laugh, surprisingly find that they seem to have chosen an undefeatable man. This man simply manages to change every horrible situation into a positive one. This bores the boys. And before they know it, the pranks have escalated to a point where they start panicking. And sure enough, they are in deep trouble when Zeus finds them. The boys ask Zeus to save the man, but Zeus decides to punish them by ensuring they watch the destiny of the man whose life they manipulated.


This comical little story tells us a lot about how life is all about our own views. If you believe in god, maybe you would say that god knows your fate. But fate doesn't matter. Things can happen to us, but our views and our feelings are controlled solely by us and by nothing else. So try to discover your own unique power to bring out the sun, even on a pouring wet day; this man surely knew how.


Author: Keiya Mizuno

Published: June 2008

Length: 224 pages

ISBN: 978-4167717971


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