The Wedding Mission

The Wedding Mission

Novel (Romance & Comedy) / Business

105,000 copies sold (series total)




Three months before her wedding and the very day she quit her job, thirty-year-old Sayaka Kuroki is forced to part from her fiancee. She embarrassingly returns to her workplace only to find that her position has already been filled by a young pretty girl. Luckily, she finds a position in the womens' magazine department. Her new boss is Mr. Usami, a rude and egoistic man whom she hates from the start. Moreover she cannot believe her ears when she is given her very first task.


"Find a partner and get married within 6 months. Write an article in our column about your experience."


How insane is he?? Sayaka has nothing but doubt, yet from here, Usami begins giving her strategies which reveal that the key to getting her task done was to think of herself as a brand.


"Don't return calls from your ex-fiancee. You'll be making the same mistake as Eve Saint Laurent when they started reaching out to towels and slippers."


"It's easy to find someone to marry you. Just think about why people still buy Birkin bags at a price that's hundred times the production cost."

Follow Sayaka in this hilarious romantic comedy in which Usami will relate lessons from the history of Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Tiffany and their marketing strategies to become the most successful and prestigious brands --to branding yourself and finding someone that sees value in you.


This novel became a TV drama series in 2018 (Survival Wedding). Its comical setting and heartwarming ending will teach people how to develop a sense of self-value and confidence. Sayaka puts up with Usami's ridiculous advice and pep talks, only to hope that she will have a married status within 6 months. But through time with her demanding new boss, you'll see her, not only striving to get her job done, but learning the most important lessons of her life.


Author: Kosuke Ohashi

Published: April 2015

Length: 304 pages

ISBN: 978-4905073116

Sequels: The Wedding Mission 2



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