Weightlifting is the Ultimate Solution
  • Weightlifting is the Ultimate Solution

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    This entertaining book written by Testosterone, a CEO and an author whose life dramatically changed for the better through weightlifting, truly has all the answers to your problems. Each chapter begins with some simple quotes on the positive physical and psychological effects of weightlifting, then followed by a short discussion between you and the author, and finishes off with a manga on real-life experiences of people whose lives transformed through weightlifting. So this book is not just for people who already like building up their muscles, but for those who want to make a positive change in their life. If you've been making fun of someone in love with their barbell, you are truly missing out on a lot! 


    Sample Quotes:

    If you despise yourself and are on the verge of self-destruction, lift weights instead. You'll see yourself go from "I wanna kill myself" to "I'm gonna kill it."


    Unlike people or money, your muscles don't betray you.


    Don't judge a book by its cover. You think that applies to humans too? Give me a break. Don't expect your crush to dig your dusty ass out of the shelf. Unlike your personality, achievements, and brain, your muscles are visible. Make sure they look good.


    Weightlifting is dangerously addictive. Yet its effects set it apart from alcohol, smoking, overeating and shopping. Your body and skin will look good, and you'll be healthy and stay young. It's an addiction that results in the best version of yourself.


    If you're thinking about learning a new language to be called a global elite, hit the gym. Weightlifting is the universal language.


    Weightlifting will lead to the habit of evaluating the changes on your own body. It shifts your attention towards self-acceptance rather than acceptance from others.


    Author: Testosterone

    Published: April 2018

    Length : 223 pages

    ISBN: 978-4866510583

    Currently Ranks 4th in Sports Medicine on Amazon Japan

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