Why Global Business Leaders Worship Oriental Philosophy

Why Global Business Leaders Worship Oriental Philosophy

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We should take note that it's not just academic achievements, personality or language skills that get people as far as to become a leader in global business. It's their perspective of the world and the era they live in. It's their curiosity of wondering what new ideas or innovation would turn the world around. It's their power to imagine what the next few decades on earth would or could be like. Or their eagerness to find the core of human thought and psychology.


Oriental philosophy in this book consists of the five intellectual resources, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Shinto, that are the roots of our culture and everyday lives in Japan. It focuses on the inner self and finding a connection between god and yourself, which is completely the opposite of the Western philosophy which largely focuses on the connection between you and the outer world.


With recent trends like yoga, meditation and mindfulness, oriental philosophy has clearly become something of significance in the generation we live in.

But the question is, why are business leaders in the global world adopting oriental philosophy? How does this mind of thought bring out the best in the context of global business?


Following the introduction on how and why new human thoughts arise in different eras, this book will reveal the seven paradigm shifts we are experiencing today. You'll see how practicing and understanding oriental philosophy is the key to becoming as an essential figure in our particular civilization.


Author: Yoshifumi Taguchi

Published: September 2018

Length : 224 pages

ISBN: 978-4866510927

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